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First Person game where you play as a domestic robot that has some chores to do, but some weird unexpected things happen when he tries to do them.

Developed for Epic Mega Jam - 2018 by "A game company":

Víctor Montero - Programmer, Game Designer and VFX Artist

Alex Martín - Game Designer and Modeling

Jan Sau - Programmer and Game Designer

Rubén Flor - Game Designer and Modeling

Julia Carrillo - 3D Artist, Modeling and Animation

### INPUT ###
W,A,S,D: Move
Left Click: Interact
Esc: Pause

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsVMonty, Alexander Martin, JSauBatlle, Immortan_Joe, JuliaCarrillo
Made withUnreal Engine


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This was a cute little surprise!

It was fun seeing all the situations you programmed. Where can I get a dinner-cooking escape pod of my own???

Lumps Plays = pop-up commentary, like text messages on the video! Give it a try <3

Thanks for making this. Cheers! 🍻

Quick game but we had a blast trying all of the different options! I'd play a longer version for sure

Fun quick game that had me laughing. Very funny and even surprising sometimes, I never knew being a robot serving humans could be so hard! I played it in the first half of a two part episode, but I would highly recommend anyone curious to give the game a try. 

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Short but sweet. Brief but bountiful. Fleeting but fabulous!

I love me a silly game, and this one ranks up there with the silliest. It took me a while to get around to the "alternative thinking" style that the game presents you with, but once I got to grips with the idea I had a blast!

I can only echo the sentiments of some of the other folks below with regards to the possibility of expanding this. I can only imagine what other shenanigans we can get up to cleaning a whole house! And the owner's reaction when they get back home after a long day of work.

I had immense fun with this micro-slice of oddity, and I hope to see more craziness from you all soon =)

Had way too much fun with your game, only wished it was longer, maybe new stages with different tasks to do each time, could be a really good puzzle game.


Woooow cool

I love the Idea of this game(BRILLIANT CONCEPT)....I loved it, fun game ;)

We really enjoyed this game!!  Simple, yet amusing.  

Probably Not is short, but well made and really amusing. Though it just takes place in two rooms, everything is clean and well designed, and the music works well with the quirky gameplay. I also like the idea of doing daily tasks the "wrong" way to accomplish your goals and would enjoy seeing more of this.

Good job, dev.

Very fun yet weird little game!

Short but very funny little game!

Please put more into this i LOVE it!

I'm the worst robot ever.

could anyone give the system requirement

Love this game thought there would be way more steps Great Work

Really fun game, too bad I'm not too good at chores.. Would love to see more chores/levels added to this game! 

The game was comedic and fun, I enjoyed it greatly and would love to see a level based game made from this to be a even bigger game. This was the second game I played.

Great Work!

Couple Of Games - Probably Not & Beach Date

Check out more vids here!


19:45 any plan for the future for the game!

I was just trying to be the best robot I could. But no, you had to make it hard for me! Great work, I loved it :D


I made a little video about it and it was hilarious! I would love to see a full on game of this with a lot more things to explore and a lot more things to do. It was really fun.


I really enjoyed this! After the end I wanted more! Would love to see a longer game at some point! Big thanks to everyone who made this game! 


Hey man! I loved your game! I'd love to see a more fleshed out version of it. It was very quirky and fun to work out :) here's a video i made on it :) 


Nice to play a game in which robots are our slaves and not the other way round :D

Also increased my physics knowledge quite a bit xD 10 out of 10 


Absolutely loved it! I got a little lost there at first but the game comes together in the most hilarious way! I cant wait to see what else you've done would love to play more of these silly quick games! My friend Directionally Challenged told me about this. Keep up the great work!


This was really nice. Bit short but for a jam it's really fun to play. Graphics look really nice and the gameplay is really smooth. Music fitted the game really well also. Overall a really cool little game and would love to see a whole house packed full of weird ways to get your jobs done. Great job... :)


It's a quick fun little game and I'd love to see a full game based around this. It was short, but sweet...

also... wish I could interact with the blackhole :( no negatives to say really... mostly just positives XD the negatives are it's TOO short and there's a really solid base here for some fun times.


I'm glad you like it! :D
It's really exciting to see a lets play of a game in wich you have take part into.
So, thanx for playing it! n_n

Oh I imagine! :D It was really fun so I'm glad I got the chance to play it!